About Content Marketing Examiner

Through personal interviews with many of today’s best known and emerging industry experts, Cadence9’s® Content Marketing Examiner (CMX) presents varied perspectives on best practices in creating content and measuring its effectiveness.

CMX grew out of the realization that although the concepts of content marketing have been around for hundreds of years, there is still considerable confusion about what it means and how to go about implementing it. We believe having access to the right people and resources can accelerate the discovery processes.


At Content Marketing Examiner (CMX), our purpose is to develop relevant, actionable steps outlining detailed processes that you can leverage in your daily content marketing strategy and distribution efforts. We exist as a resource for marketers to LEARN enterprise content marketing best practice.
Cadence9’s® c9 prime™ is a hosted social media and content marketing software platform designed specifically for teams. c9 prime™ provides a technology framework with unprecedented features and value to help you GROW and manage your content marketing activities. Plan, publish, engage and measure in a single solution.
Using only a company’s URL, c9 360 delivers a complete profile of a company’s social media channels, blogs, content, engagement and much more. c9 360 helps brands and agencies MEASURE social media and content marketing effectiveness, discover opportunities and get competitive insight by providing on-demand content performance reports.
From interviews with industry experts we distill ideas for best practices around the content marketing lifecycle steps of Setting Goals, Developing your content strategy, creating and editorial content calendar, producing engaging content, publishing to your social media network, engaging with your audience and measuring your progress.

All of our contributing experts are also available to assist you directly with any issues related to the effective use of content marketing. We encourage you to contact them with any questions or needs you may have. We also invite you to visit the CMX site often to review forward-thinking methodologies about how to develop your content strategy and implement compelling editorial calendar topics into your social media and content marketing. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified as new expert interviews are added to our resource library.

Meet Our Team

Martin van der Roest
Martin van der RoestPresident and CEO
Martin van der Roest is Co-founder, President and CEO of Cadence9®. Prior to Cadence9®, Martin has been involved in launching and managing a number of software technology firms over the past 25 years. Through these ventures, Martin has become a thought leader around enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration, product lifecycle management (PLM), hosted B2B solutions and open source technologies.
Teri Watson
Teri WatsonEditor, CM Examiner
Teri Watson is the Editor of the Content Marketing Examiner. She has over 20 years of direct marketing experience, including writing, editing, researching, interviewing, art production and mailing list management. As technology grew in the marketplace, she transitioned into systems testing, customer service, and training for a hosted business management provider.
Michael van der Roest
Michael van der RoestAuthor/Analyst, CM Examiner
Michael van der Roest, author and analyst for Content Marketing Examiner, has been active in SEO, social media and content marketing for the past 7 years. His work has ranged from SEO in the automotive industry to personalized talent management and online representation with his company, uPromote Marketing. Michael attended college at Chapman University for business marketing.
Christine Lombard
Christine LombardSocial Media & Content Manager
Christine Lombard is the Social Media and Content Manager for Cadence9®. She also manages the graphics and web design for the Cadence9® properties. Christine has over 10 years in marketing, graphic design, event planning and web design. Prior to joining the team Christine worked as a Director of Marketing & Event Management in the recruiting industry.