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Martin van der Roest is Co-founder, President and CEO of Cadence9. Prior to Cadence9, Martin has been involved in launching and managing a number of software technology firms over the past 25 years. He has participated at all levels of the business including product development, implementation, and consulting. He has written for almost every industry magazine on the market and has been a regular speaker at several industry conferences. Today, Martin works closely with partners and other entrepreneurs in identifying and bringing to market value-add solutions.
4 11, 2013

Content Marketing: Stategic Planning for Nonprofits – Podcast

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A content marketing strategy for a non-profit organization is not a segment of their overall marketing; it is all their branding, all their marketing and all of their social media. Claire Axelrad of shares with Martin van der Roest of the Examiner how content marketing is the heart and soul of marketing, even […]

12 10, 2013

Optimizing Content for Maximum Effectiveness – Podcast

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A crucial part of any content marketing strategy is optimizing content for maximum effectiveness. Every piece of content should be targeted to a specific market segment and have the goal of driving the user to the next step: commenting, liking, sharing, opting in to an email list, downloading information, making a purchase, etc. Nicole […]

23 09, 2013

Content Creation for Generational Marketing – Podcast

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Content Marketing across the generations needs to recognize that Boomers and Generations X, Y and Z each have distinctive characteristics requiring customized marketing tactics. Generational considerations are part of intimately knowing your target audiences which, according to David Erickson of e-Strategy Internet, is crucial to creating content for maximum impact. Using “cultural cues” can […]

13 09, 2013

Good Content Has (Almost) Nothing to do With What You Sell – Podcast

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Join Martin van der Roest of the Examiner and Barry Feldman of for a lively discussion about creating engaging content. Barry shares many valuable insights and tactics for creating engaging content to help you even get around the problem of a boring product because, “good content isn’t about what you sell anyway. It’s […]

5 09, 2013

Strategy: The Bridge Between Goals and Content Marketing – Podcast

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The Examiner’s Martin van der Roest talks with Mark Smiciklas of Intersection Consulting about the concept that “strategy has to guide implementation” in a content marketing initiative. Using the metaphor of an iceberg, Mark illustrates the elements of strategic content marketing, stressing two vital objectives: knowing your audiences and their needs, and having organizational […]

5 09, 2013

Effective Content Marketing Strategy Fueled by High Value Content – Podcast

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Creating high quality content is essential for a successful content marketing strategy. This premise is discussed by Martin van der Roest of the Content Marketing Examiner and Lee Traupel of Linked Media Group, author of the white paper: “Creating High Value Content.” Discover the elements of high value content and how they weave together […]

20 08, 2013

How to Optimize ROI within a Content Marketing Strategy – Podcast

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As more and more people embrace content marketing, the question of ROI comes up time and again. How can you measure a return on investment for a content marketing strategy? What elements are essential to tracking effectiveness and bottom line implications? Martin van der Roest of the Examiner talks with Russell Sparkman of Fusion […]

5 08, 2013

How Can Content Strategy Drive Value for Content Marketing – Podcast

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Martin van der Roest of the Examiner and author, speaker, consultant Rahel Bailie discuss the convergence of content strategy and content marketing and how they need each other for a successful marketing initiative. Listen in on the discussion of how content strategy is the analysis and planning process that is necessary to develop a […]

10 07, 2013

Content Marketing & Social Media – Podcast

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Martin van der Roest of the Content Marketing Examiner welcomes top marketing strategist, Nate Riggs, to discuss content marketing and social media marketing: the differences, the similarities and where they converge. Can you have one without the other or are both necessary for maximum value with a content marketing strategy? Nate contends that […]

8 07, 2013

Content Marketing Metrics

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The theme of this interview, Content Marketing Metrics, is centered on the idea of, “What insights can be delivered to help the content marketing processes meet the goals of the organization?”

A common occurrence observed is the idea that folks get caught up in this rat race of “trying to make everything go up into […]