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Teri Watson is Editor of the Content Marketing Examiner. She has over 20 years of direct marketing experience, including writing, editing, researching, interviewing, art production and mailing list management. As technology grew in the marketplace, she transitioned into systems testing, customer service, and training for a hosted business management provider. A long-time resident of Orange County, she enjoys reading, old movies and good friends.
30 12, 2013

Don’t Make Any Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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2013 is now history and 2014 spreads out before us as an enticing blank canvas. Most of us have taken stock of 2013 and decided we need to see some changes in 2014. We make New Year’s Resolutions– some personal, some business–that will bring greater success in the New Year.

But, content marketers beware! January […]

26 12, 2013

Ignite Your Content Marketing with Social Media Fuel

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Social media is becoming more and more integrated with content marketing as the realization dawns that social media is the illuminator of your content marketing efforts. “It’s the fuel to set your content on fire.” –Jay Baer

Great content with nowhere to go isn’t going to accomplish very much for your business.

Unless you have an […]

17 12, 2013

Marketing Smarty Pants Who Changed “Business as Usual”

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Marketing has been around forever.

Over the years the semantics have changed, but buying, selling and meeting customer needs is nothing new. Strategies and methods have continued to evolve over the years, with advances being made by marketing pioneers who have pushed into uncharted territory and found gold.

MarketingProfs’ slide share of 16 Smarty Pants […]

11 12, 2013

How to Find Your Content Marketing “Sweet Spot”

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Digressing first to the world of sports: “the sweet spot is the location at which the object being struck, usually a ball, absorbs the maximum amount of the available kinetic energy and rebounds away from the racket with a greater velocity than if struck at any other point on the racket.

“The sweet spot is […]

25 11, 2013

Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with Transmedia Storytelling

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The idea of storytelling evokes many different mental images. Depending on your life experience, it could be sitting around a campfire, reading to someone on a cozy couch or sharing family stories around the dinner table. Maybe even public speaking or stand-up comedy.

Each scenario is different, but they’re all storytelling that actively engage an […]

12 11, 2013

The ONE THING for Effective B2B Content Marketing in 2014

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93% of B2B marketers are competing with you for the attention of online consumers.

That’s some serious competition.

Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs just released this latest statistic in their B2B Content Marketing 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America report. This current state-of-content-marketing survey shows the advances in 2013 that will shape […]

4 11, 2013

Nonprofits Benefit From Strategic Content Marketing Planning

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“Content marketing is the heart and soul of all your marketing. In essence, it’s a synonym for branding because your content defines you. It’s all of your marketing, all of your branding and all of your social media.” – Claire Axelrad, Clairification.com
Content Marketing is the Whole Enchilada

With content marketing, the goal is to create […]

4 11, 2013

Content Marketing Can Accelerate Building Your Brand

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Favorite Brand. What just popped into your mind?
If you’re a business owner, it’s probably your own logo or company name. For a consumer, it’s probably a favorite product. Either way, the image undoubtedly brought to mind something that generated a positive feeling. (Who can envision Coca Cola or Starbucks without hearing the fizz […]

29 10, 2013

The Buyer’s Journey—Content Driven or Organic?

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Today’s consumer controls their own buyer’s journey. Anyone can research a product or service online to compile as much information as they need to come to a decision about whether or not to do business with you. It’s been reported that buyers today could be from two-thirds to 90% of their way to a […]

28 10, 2013

Annihilate Marketing Halloween Goblins with Content Marketing

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Marketing has its own monsters, goblins and ghosts, and they‘re not the ones that inhabit closets, reside under beds, or live in attics and basements. These monsters and goblins insidiously creep in without so much as a “trick or treat!” to make their presence known, and gleefully wreak havoc with your bottom line.

Marketing […]