28 10, 2013

Annihilate Marketing Halloween Goblins with Content Marketing

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Marketing has its own monsters, goblins and ghosts, and they‘re not the ones that inhabit closets, reside under beds, or live in attics and basements. These monsters and goblins insidiously creep in without so much as a “trick or treat!” to make their presence known, and gleefully wreak havoc with your bottom line.

Marketing […]

8 10, 2013

The Power of Perception and Sensation in Content Marketing

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Let’s face it, perception is important. Most people care about what their friends, peers or family think and feel about them.  Business professionals, movie stars and political figures all spend a ridiculous amount of money on quality control to preserve their images.

Business Image Imperative

The ones who spend the most time and money stressing over […]

4 10, 2013

How to Supercharge Your Content With Real Value

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Creating only high value content is the goal of content marketing. Imagine if every single thing you created was commented on, liked, shared, Tweeted, retweeted, curated, copied and even stolen it was so good!

That may be a somewhat unrealistic expectation, but by practicing the following five strategies you can be assured that your content […]

30 09, 2013

Your Content Shall Rock with these Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing is the hottest marketing topic around, and everyone is talking/tweeting/sharing about it.

Is everybody really doing content marketing? How will it help my business? And then there’s the $64 thousand question—what is great content and how do I create enough of it?

Your Content Shall Rock clearly defines the different types of content topics […]

27 09, 2013

A Content Audit is About More Than Just Your Website

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The term “content audit” calls to mind having your website design analyzed and the content evaluated as to relevance, structure, SEO effectiveness, etc.

While this is a valuable activity, an organization-wide content audit can accomplish two important functions. One, this type of content audit could unearth mountains of content “gold” to continually fuel your website […]

25 09, 2013

Be a Better Content Marketer through Generational Awareness

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Knowing generational differences can make you into a better content marketer. Being aware of what cultivates interest for a specific target audience can mean the difference between success or failure of a content marketing initiative.

Understanding generational characteristics are crucial when defining your target audience, allowing you to create and tailor content that will resonate […]

16 09, 2013

Why Your Website Should be Like Your Living Room

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When company comes, you invite them in, offer them a drink and something to eat, and then you go into the other room and ignore them. No?

Of course not!

When company comes, you make your home as attractive as possible, you ensure there is ample seating, the temperature is comfortable and there are some snacks. […]

22 08, 2013

4 Startling Statistics to Make Your Blog Better

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Anyone who’s seriously involved in content marketing will be publishing a blog as part of their strategy. But publishing doesn’t automatically mean it’s a great blog, or even a good one.

These four statistics show what a really great blog can do for your business–and why you’ll want to blog better.

1) Companies that blog have […]

19 08, 2013

Desired ROI Goals for Content Marketing – Series Overview

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Each company type, contingent on industry and market, will have a unique set of goals and expectations that are attributed to their investment in content marketing. Furthermore, the ultimate goal for each company or organization is to gain a larger return on investment (ROI). In terms of content marketing, ROI can relate to more […]

16 08, 2013

Youtility: A Winning Content Marketing Strategy for Today’s Competitive Marketplace

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One of the hottest books out right now is Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype, by Jay Baer, marketing and social media strategist.
Youtility is marketing upside down. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. It’s massively useful FREE information, that created long-term trust and […]