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16 09, 2013

Why Your Website Should be Like Your Living Room

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When company comes, you invite them in, offer them a drink and something to eat, and then you go into the other room and ignore them. No?

Of course not!

When company comes, you make your home as attractive as possible, you ensure there is ample seating, the temperature is comfortable and there are some snacks. […]

3 07, 2013

Best Time to Publish Content—Can you Really Know?

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In a perfect world, every time you post some content, your target audience and customers would respond. Dialogue and relationship building would be a 24/7 engagement party.

Not very realistic, is it?

Posting at optimum times for maximum engagement can be a challenge for media managers and businesses. You actually can maximize your content marketing strategy […]

25 06, 2013

Increased Engagement by Reaching Your Target Audience

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Lily Tomlin’s much-loved character, Ernestine the telephone operator, immortalized the line, “Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?”

People conducting content marketing are asking the same question, “Who is my target audience and is my message getting to them?” Have you reached the party to whom you are speaking, or is it […]

6 06, 2013

Measurable KPI’s for Social Media – Facebook

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Facebook has myriad points of engagement so when tracking the content marketing goals of your business—specifically, brand awareness/visibility and engagement or inbound leads– there are a lot of KPIs that should be tracked and measured so you can determine if your time and resources are being maximized.

An investment in social media can be beneficial […]

13 05, 2013

Website Optimization for Enhanced User Engagement

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You’ve done your homework: you know your target audience, relevant keywords to drive people to your website, and your compelling titles promise answers to online search queries. But when a visitor clicks through to your site, they don’t stay long enough to get acquainted. What happened?

Obviously, getting traffic to your site is only half […]

24 04, 2013

Increased Client Engagement through Social Media

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It’s important to companies and organizations that consumers recognize and remember their names, logos or tag lines. In order to attain strong brand awareness that reminds your target audiences of your company/service, you need to be vocally and visually present.

In regards to a vocal/social presence, there is no better place to shine, today, than […]

24 04, 2013

Be a Friend to Get a Friend

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The best friends are the ones who seek you out, the ones who actually invest in the friendship. Nobody wants to be the only one who tries to call or make plans. This “give-and-take” relationship principle applies in the social media realm in the form of engagement. Companies can protect their brand image and […]

23 04, 2013

How Business Goals & Content Marketing Work Together

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Determining business goals is the necessary first step in initiating a content marketing strategy. Answering the common question “What kinds of content should we be creating?” will be directly tied to the business goals you identify.

Setting goals often gets tangled up with measurements, analysis, and evaluating what’s been done in the past but, for […]