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19 09, 2013

Content Strategy Drives Value for Content Marketing

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All dressed up and nowhere to go. That may be the case for an occasional Saturday night, but it’s certainly not what you want for your content. Yet, many businesses begin creating content without first having a defined strategy, without a clear plan for what they’re going to do with their content.

Combining content strategy […]

18 09, 2013

What You Sell Does Not Drive Content Creation

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Good content is engaging content. According to Barry Feldman, “You either get remembered or you are forgotten and there’s nothing in between. Engagement is the opposite of disengagement so if you are a content creator and you’re simply dull, nobody gets engaged.”

It’s difficult to argue with such blatant truth. Nobody wants to admit to […]

30 07, 2013

Converging Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

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Social media and content marketing are coming of age and growing in synergy. Companies are finally taking these practices seriously and recognize that they both fit into a comprehensive marketing plan, requiring them to refine their activities to prevent “random acts of marketing.”

Content Marketing Strategy and Social Media for Businesses

There are currently a lot […]

30 04, 2013

SEO & Content Marketing

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SEO – Who/ How/ Why

Almost any business can reap the benefits of an SEO initiative. Steve Wiideman, SEO director, expert and trainer mentioned the simplicity of SEO and who could gain value from an SEO effort. “If there’s a keyword that could drive traffic to your website, you’re going to benefit from SEO. Anybody—doctor, […]