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27 09, 2013

A Content Audit is About More Than Just Your Website

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The term “content audit” calls to mind having your website design analyzed and the content evaluated as to relevance, structure, SEO effectiveness, etc.

While this is a valuable activity, an organization-wide content audit can accomplish two important functions. One, this type of content audit could unearth mountains of content “gold” to continually fuel your website […]

23 07, 2013

Essential Planning for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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Recognizing that content marketing is a discipline, even a lifecycle of activities, the second step in developing a content marketing strategy is planning. Step one is goal setting, so this post is going to assume you have already set clear goals and are ready to jump into content marketing planning mode.

Planning your content marketing […]

3 07, 2013

Best Time to Publish Content—Can you Really Know?

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In a perfect world, every time you post some content, your target audience and customers would respond. Dialogue and relationship building would be a 24/7 engagement party.

Not very realistic, is it?

Posting at optimum times for maximum engagement can be a challenge for media managers and businesses. You actually can maximize your content marketing strategy […]

2 07, 2013

Long Tail Keywords for SEO & Lead Conversion

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You’ve promised your kids a puppy, so you head to the pet store for a quick, fun shopping experience. Two hours and 50 dogs and puppies later, you’re still dog-less. Next store, same problem and response — no, to all the available puppies.

Frustrated, you finally grill your kids, “Don’t you guys want a puppy?” […]