Interview 17

18 09, 2013

What You Sell Does Not Drive Content Creation

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Good content is engaging content. According to Barry Feldman, “You either get remembered or you are forgotten and there’s nothing in between. Engagement is the opposite of disengagement so if you are a content creator and you’re simply dull, nobody gets engaged.”

It’s difficult to argue with such blatant truth. Nobody wants to admit to […]

10 09, 2013

Good Content Has (Almost) Nothing to do With What You Sell

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Interview #17 Transcript – September 5, 2013
Participants: Barry Feldman and Martin van der Roest

Martin van der Roest: Welcome! This is Martin van der Roest, the managing editor of the Content Marketing Examiner. Thank you for joining us. We’re jumping into the topic of producing content today, with Barry Feldman, and in particular we’re going […]