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29 10, 2013

The Buyer’s Journey—Content Driven or Organic?

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Today’s consumer controls their own buyer’s journey. Anyone can research a product or service online to compile as much information as they need to come to a decision about whether or not to do business with you. It’s been reported that buyers today could be from two-thirds to 90% of their way to a […]

30 09, 2013

Your Content Shall Rock with these Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing is the hottest marketing topic around, and everyone is talking/tweeting/sharing about it.

Is everybody really doing content marketing? How will it help my business? And then there’s the $64 thousand question—what is great content and how do I create enough of it?

Your Content Shall Rock clearly defines the different types of content topics […]

5 08, 2013

2013’s Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers

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“Coordinating every content endeavor is a brilliant marketer, industry disruptor, social guru, or content evangelist.–NewsCred

To illustrate, NewsCred extensively researched, analyzed, and qualified digital innovators to come up with their picks for 2013’s 50 Most Influential Content Marketers.

50 Most Influential Content Marketers from NewsCred

Looking at publishers, individual brands […]

23 07, 2013

Essential Planning for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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Recognizing that content marketing is a discipline, even a lifecycle of activities, the second step in developing a content marketing strategy is planning. Step one is goal setting, so this post is going to assume you have already set clear goals and are ready to jump into content marketing planning mode.

Planning your content marketing […]

11 07, 2013

Creating B2C Buyer Personas for Effective Content Marketing

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You’ve completed your company profile and defined your goals. Sales and Marketing departments are poised with product and/or service information, you have a carefully designed website and you’re ready to get out there and market!

But who do you market to in order to get the best response to your content marketing efforts? Do you […]

17 05, 2013

Consumer-driven Content Marketing

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We all know the balance of power has shifted from the advertiser to the consumer, right?

If you don’t know, you haven’t been paying attention for the last few years.

A Cisco Technology report from January 2013, quotes Laura Wade-Gery, Executive Director E-Commerce Multi-channel, Marks & Spencer: “Customers are firmly in the driving seat in today’s […]