Interview 20

4 11, 2013

Nonprofits Benefit From Strategic Content Marketing Planning

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“Content marketing is the heart and soul of all your marketing. In essence, it’s a synonym for branding because your content defines you. It’s all of your marketing, all of your branding and all of your social media.” – Claire Axelrad,
Content Marketing is the Whole Enchilada

With content marketing, the goal is to create […]

28 10, 2013

Content Marketing Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

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Interview #20 Transcript – October 17, 2013
Participants: Claire Axelrad and Martin van der Roest

Martin van der Roest: Welcome. I’m Martin van der Roest with the Content Marketing Examiner where we continue to explore enterprise content marketing best practices. Joining me today is Claire Axelrad, who has an impressive background in working with nonprofits and […]