29 10, 2013

The Buyer’s Journey—Content Driven or Organic?

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Today’s consumer controls their own buyer’s journey. Anyone can research a product or service online to compile as much information as they need to come to a decision about whether or not to do business with you. It’s been reported that buyers today could be from two-thirds to 90% of their way to a […]

12 10, 2013

Optimizing Content for Maximum Effectiveness – Podcast

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A crucial part of any content marketing strategy is optimizing content for maximum effectiveness. Every piece of content should be targeted to a specific market segment and have the goal of driving the user to the next step: commenting, liking, sharing, opting in to an email list, downloading information, making a purchase, etc. Nicole […]

12 10, 2013

Optimizing Content Production for Maximum Content Marketing Success

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“We should never just publish content, any type of content, just for the sake of publishing [something].” –Nicole Munoz
High quality content is at the heart of any content marketing initiative. Without content, you have nothing. Sharing, re-tweeting and curating (credibility by association) all involve the consumption of relevant, sharable content. Creating that valuable, high […]

11 10, 2013

Content Marketing: Optimizing Content Production for Maximum Success

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Interview #19 Transcript – October 4, 2013
Participants: Nicole Munoz and Martin van der Roest

Martin van der Roest: Hi, I’m Martin van der Roest, publisher of the Content Marketing Examiner where we continue to pursue definition and clarity for best practices for content marketing. Joining me today is Nicole Munoz, CEO of Start Ranking Now, an […]

4 10, 2013

How to Supercharge Your Content With Real Value

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Creating only high value content is the goal of content marketing. Imagine if every single thing you created was commented on, liked, shared, Tweeted, retweeted, curated, copied and even stolen it was so good!

That may be a somewhat unrealistic expectation, but by practicing the following five strategies you can be assured that your content […]

30 09, 2013

Your Content Shall Rock with these Content Marketing Strategies

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Content marketing is the hottest marketing topic around, and everyone is talking/tweeting/sharing about it.

Is everybody really doing content marketing? How will it help my business? And then there’s the $64 thousand question—what is great content and how do I create enough of it?

Your Content Shall Rock clearly defines the different types of content topics […]

25 09, 2013

Be a Better Content Marketer through Generational Awareness

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Knowing generational differences can make you into a better content marketer. Being aware of what cultivates interest for a specific target audience can mean the difference between success or failure of a content marketing initiative.

Understanding generational characteristics are crucial when defining your target audience, allowing you to create and tailor content that will resonate […]

23 09, 2013

Content Creation for Generational Marketing – Podcast

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Content Marketing across the generations needs to recognize that Boomers and Generations X, Y and Z each have distinctive characteristics requiring customized marketing tactics. Generational considerations are part of intimately knowing your target audiences which, according to David Erickson of e-Strategy Internet, is crucial to creating content for maximum impact. Using “cultural cues” can […]

23 09, 2013

Generational Marketing for Optimizing Your Content Creation

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Defining a target audience is a critical step before creating content. Unless you know exactly who you are talking to, how can you know what you need to say to capture their attention or generate an optimum response?

An often overlooked aspect of an audience persona is the generational component. Is your target audience Boomers, […]

18 09, 2013

What You Sell Does Not Drive Content Creation

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Good content is engaging content. According to Barry Feldman, “You either get remembered or you are forgotten and there’s nothing in between. Engagement is the opposite of disengagement so if you are a content creator and you’re simply dull, nobody gets engaged.”

It’s difficult to argue with such blatant truth. Nobody wants to admit to […]