30 12, 2013

Don’t Make Any Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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2013 is now history and 2014 spreads out before us as an enticing blank canvas. Most of us have taken stock of 2013 and decided we need to see some changes in 2014. We make New Year’s Resolutions– some personal, some business–that will bring greater success in the New Year.

But, content marketers beware! January […]

4 11, 2013

Nonprofits Benefit From Strategic Content Marketing Planning

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“Content marketing is the heart and soul of all your marketing. In essence, it’s a synonym for branding because your content defines you. It’s all of your marketing, all of your branding and all of your social media.” – Claire Axelrad,
Content Marketing is the Whole Enchilada

With content marketing, the goal is to create […]

4 11, 2013

Content Marketing Can Accelerate Building Your Brand

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Favorite Brand. What just popped into your mind?
If you’re a business owner, it’s probably your own logo or company name. For a consumer, it’s probably a favorite product. Either way, the image undoubtedly brought to mind something that generated a positive feeling. (Who can envision Coca Cola or Starbucks without hearing the fizz […]

28 10, 2013

Content Marketing Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

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Interview #20 Transcript – October 17, 2013
Participants: Claire Axelrad and Martin van der Roest

Martin van der Roest: Welcome. I’m Martin van der Roest with the Content Marketing Examiner where we continue to explore enterprise content marketing best practices. Joining me today is Claire Axelrad, who has an impressive background in working with nonprofits and […]

4 11, 2013

Content Marketing: Stategic Planning for Nonprofits – Podcast

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A content marketing strategy for a non-profit organization is not a segment of their overall marketing; it is all their branding, all their marketing and all of their social media. Claire Axelrad of shares with Martin van der Roest of the Examiner how content marketing is the heart and soul of marketing, even […]

27 09, 2013

A Content Audit is About More Than Just Your Website

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The term “content audit” calls to mind having your website design analyzed and the content evaluated as to relevance, structure, SEO effectiveness, etc.

While this is a valuable activity, an organization-wide content audit can accomplish two important functions. One, this type of content audit could unearth mountains of content “gold” to continually fuel your website […]

19 09, 2013

Optimizing Content Creation for Generational Marketing

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Interview #18 Transcript – September 11, 2013
Participants: David Erickson and Martin van der Roest

Martin van der Roest: Hi, I’m Martin van der Roest, the host of the Content Marketing Examiner. Joining me today is David Erickson. David has 18 years of experience in marketing and strategic communications, public relations, online media and advertising with […]

19 09, 2013

A Content Marketing Strategy is Essential to Meeting Goals

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“The strategy phase usually consists of me telling clients to stop what they are doing and take a couple of steps back and start thinking of things from a little different perspective.”

Not exactly what you’d expect as a first step in strategy planning! Mark Smiciklas, of Intersection Consulting, is a firm believer that goals […]

19 09, 2013

Content Strategy Drives Value for Content Marketing

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All dressed up and nowhere to go. That may be the case for an occasional Saturday night, but it’s certainly not what you want for your content. Yet, many businesses begin creating content without first having a defined strategy, without a clear plan for what they’re going to do with their content.

Combining content strategy […]

16 09, 2013

Why Your Website Should be Like Your Living Room

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When company comes, you invite them in, offer them a drink and something to eat, and then you go into the other room and ignore them. No?

Of course not!

When company comes, you make your home as attractive as possible, you ensure there is ample seating, the temperature is comfortable and there are some snacks. […]