“Coordinating every content endeavor is a brilliant marketer, industry disruptor, social guru, or content evangelist.–NewsCred

To illustrate, NewsCred extensively researched, analyzed, and qualified digital innovators to come up with their picks for 2013’s 50 Most Influential Content Marketers.

Looking at publishers, individual brands and agencies, they’ve selected those who have exhibited extraordinary results in the content marketing arena. Some are familiar; others are up-and-coming in the content marketing/digital world. All have done incredible things.

Elements of success

Although the business structures and strategies of these 50 top influencers are widely different, there are common threads running through their processes, ever focused on expanding their digital finger print. Especially that multi-channel marketing is becoming universal:

  • Develop content strategies that push the boundaries of digital
  • Find new and innovative ways to engage in real-time, multi-channel content marketing
  • Fully embrace the digital content revolution
  • Target customers via email, mobile and social
  • Harness all distribution channels to amplify company message
  • Use multi-platform entertainment, engagement
  • Touch points across paid, earned and owned channels

“The challenge is taking old world media models to meet the new demands of the next generation, which is very much about ‘what I want, when I want it, and total control.’” –Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Office, Netflix

Content is still king

Reaching your audience is only half the battle; the type of content and media format that becomes published needs to be spot on for what target audiences desire. “Content is not the end game here. The end game is giving the consumer value and utility.” –Jonah Bloom, CSO and Co-Founder of kbs+ Content Labs, Kirschebaum Bond Senecal + Partners

No amount of distribution can overcome poor content. Content must be relevant, valuable and high quality:

  • Merge storytelling talents of media and marketing with the growing need for digital content
  • Insert yourself into pop culture by creating content that speaks to a specific demographic
  • Mine the stream of percolating conversations, trends and ideas
  • Combine branded entertainment, digital and social media to create a complete brand story
  • Inspirational stories bolster a company’s cultural ideology
  • Brand content is valuable to the audience as well as the publisher
  • Creative, consumer-facing solutions boost visibility and reputation

Take a few minutes to view this slide show and see what these “brilliant marketers, industry disruptors, social gurus, and content evangelists” have done … that you can do too.

Join the Conversation:

  • What new ideas from these experts can be incorporated into your own content marketing strategy?
  • Other than producing enough content, what challenges do you face on a regular basis?
  • What channel has primarily boosted your digital finger print?

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