5 Types of ContentA content marketing strategy demands content. A simple concept, yes; but not so simple to execute. Creating content is time-consuming and challenging–and never ends. To keep a content marketing strategy alive and well, fresh content must be continually added.

The formats that content can take are myriad: articles, videos, photos, infographics, ebooks, text, Tweets, and podcasts. But what do you put into these formats? What constitutes content?

Here are five types of content that will keep any content market strategy humming and all five can be repurposed to be presented as the various media formats mentioned above. As Scott Abel of The Content Wrangler says, “Write content once, use it often.”


Provide free information about your industry in general. Answer questions that customers pose, such as those that begin with, “How do I. . .” Give history or background of your company, product or service. Discuss research or trends that pertain to your industry and provide competitive comparisons. If someone is searching for information about a particular subject and they find it on your site, you have the opportunity to convert them to a customer.

Educate about your product or service, how it will help make life easier, sweeter, better. This is an area where videos demonstrating use would fit beautifully. “How to’s” are popular with online searchers as more people prefer to take charge of finding their own answers to problems. Tout the benefits you offer and any specific instructions or information regarding your product or service. Tell them why you’re the best answer to their question.

Have some fun with your customers. Publish entertaining stories or videos that will resonate with your target audience, merely for entertainment. People love to laugh, see what’s weird and unusual, or even cry. Create written and video offerings of humorous, touching or amazing incidents that will draw people to your site, and then keep them there with really good content.

User Generated Content
Create content from what others say about you. Directly ask customers for testimonials, feedback, and first-person experiences and turn this information into valuable content. Develop a reciprocal relationship with complementary businesses and give each other positive referrals and promotion. Search out references and comments about you on the Web and sites like Yelp and Amazon that generate customer reviews, and grab the positive ones to add to your content.

Along with your originally created content, you can curate (pull together, sift through, select for presentation) content that others have posted. This is a good way to increase your volume of content and add other insights, information and entertainment. Additionally, sharing or linking to someone else’s great story or quote might get you a link in return. (Remember to credit the original author of any content you curate and be sure it’s legal to use it.)

Publishing a mix of content types will keep your audience interested in what you have to say and the more engaging you can make your content, the more momentum you will see in the growth of your following and in increased engagements online.

Join the Conversation:

  • Which types of content are you already using in your content marketing strategy?
  • Can you see areas where you can expand and generate different forms of content?