Reviews - Testimonials - FeedbackIs User Generated Content (UGC) a consistent part of your content marketing strategy or is it just a “great white hope” to your planned efforts? You don’t have to just hope for positive UGC to boost your brand or web presence. You can actively pursue UGC and participate in influencing and shaping what people are saying about you.

The most obvious (and often overlooked) way to UGC is to ask for it. Ask your customers for feedback when they buy your product or use your services. Interview your top customers and ask for testimonials, written or video, and publish them across your social channels. Run contests and email campaigns or polls and use the results in your content. Link prospects back to testimonials so they’ll hear third party input as they’re in the decision-making process. Let your customers sell for you.

Uniqueness is something that will get people talking. A “wow!” location, staff, or product will generate comments every time someone interacts with your company. Make yourself memorable, different or outstanding in some way and others will talk about you online. Search the Web for comments about your company, capture the good stuff and use it in your created content. Yelp and Amazon are great sites to pull positive customer reviews and comments.

Make sure your content is high quality and valuable to your users. Useful, interesting content is shared, “liked” and spread around, generating UGC as people talk about you and what you have to say.

Even problems can generate “good press” if you put your customer first. When a customer posts a negative comment about you or your product, turn it around by addressing the issue and solving the problem. By making one customer happy, when it’s online, hundreds of other people will see that you care and listen to customers. Excellent customer service is a strong selling point when it comes time for someone to buy what you offer.

So don’t wait for something random to get people talking, take the initiative, ask the right questions and harvest that precious User Generated Content.

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