One of the hottest books out right now is Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype, by Jay Baer, marketing and social media strategist.

Youtility is marketing upside down. Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers. It’s massively useful FREE information, that created long-term trust and kinship between a company and its customers.” –Jay Baer

To triumph in today’s hyper-competitive environment, you must ask, “How can we help?” Consumers are looking to fill a need, and the message that will stand out from all the content marketing noise is the one that is helpful, clear, and most of all, useful to their desires or issues.

This goes right to the heart of content creation: knowing your audience and creating purpose-driven (useful) content that fixes a problem or meets a specific need. Unfocused content will get lost in the massive sea of information being churned out daily, but “[focused content] takes the randomness out of the equation if it’s truly useful.” –Jay Baer

img-youtility-bookArnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures recently spoke with Jay about some of the key elements of Youtility. While touching on the following five areas, they demonstrate how and why companies would want to consider adopting the “help not hype” social media strategy into their marketing programs.

What useful content truly is

  • Why are you creating the content
  • How will it help build your business
  • If you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life

“Frame of Mind Awareness” marketing

  • Customer already in the funnel, in the frame of mind to purchase
  • Pro-actively offer help at point of need

The importance of measurement and tracking

  • Listen to social chatter–strategic eavesdropping–and find ways to help (Radian6, ArguyleSocial, Twitter)
  • Keep track of engagements and interactions

The changing role of marketing and sales

  • Customers build relationships on their own by “secret shopping”
  • Marketing effort must keep your brand close to your customers
  • Talking to a sales person is the last, not first, step

The perspective you must have of your customers’ lives

  • Research and uncover needs to determine how to meet them
  • Get involved in relevant and helpful ways before they ask

Listen in as Jay discusses Youtility and how this innovative marketing mindset can help you find your “car seat” moment and build a more dynamic content marketing strategy in this age of information overload.

A closing word and challenge from Jay: “Companies that are embracing Youtility–and I profile dozens of them in the book– are being rewarded with attention, sales, loyalty and advocacy.” Click to get the book

Join the Conversation:

  • In what new ways can you add the element of usefulness to your brand messaging to increase customer engagements?
  • Is “strategic eavesdropping” part of your strategy and does it net out positive results?
  • How would implementing a culture of “Youtility” impact your marketing and sales departments?

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