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David Erickson has 18 years of experience in marketing and strategic communications, public relations, online media and advertising, with an emphasis on Internet marketing. He can assist with defining your communications goals, identifying your audiences and how to reach them, and by understanding how best to communicate with them, formulate a strategy that incorporates the most effective tactics, ensuring your communication goals are successfully reached.

He publishes e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog, covering all aspects of Internet marketing including content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, blogging, video marketing, social media, mobile marketing and online PR.

He previously ran his own agency, directed the online marketing department of another, and currently serves as a consultant, speaker and expert source for media. Expertise in SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media, Video Marketing, Blogging, Media Relations, Expert Positioning and Web Analytics, Co-host weekly Beyond Social Media podcast.

David is an ACE Panelist (expert consultant) for Tunheim Partners, a strategic communications company.

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