JD Lasica

Founder & CEO
Founder & CEOSocialmedia.biz
JD is widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the changing media landscape. He is a strategist, entrepreneur and public speaker — and spoke at the United Nations in January 2012 on how to use social media to combat global poverty.

He is co-founder of Placely, a new geolocation startup focused on amazing places in our communities.

He is founder and chief executive of Socialmedia.biz, a company offering social media solutions to businesses and organizations that want to use social media and social strategies to build customer relationships. Clients include Charles Schwab, Intel, UNESCO and the Commonwealth Club.

He is also founder of Socialbrite.org, a learning hub that brings together top experts in social media and social causes as well as a consultancy serving nonprofits, including SF Goodwill, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Scholastic and Cal Humanities. He gives two popular webinars for CharityHowTo on strategy and metrics.

JD was co-founder of Ourmedia.org, the first free video hosting and sharing site (launched in March 2005, a month before YouTube). His 2005 book “Darknet” (Wiley & Sons), which coined the term “personal media revolution,” explores the emerging media landscape.

He has been named one of Silicon Valley’s top 40 influencers, one of the top 100 influencers in social media and one of CNET’s Top 100 Media Bloggers.

JD was a member of senior management in three tech startups (1996-2001 — Sidewalk, Babycenter and Ivendor) and participated in three Aspen Institute roundtables on civic engagement, mobile technologies and cloud computing.

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