Nate Dame

Founder & CEO
Founder & CEOSEOperks
Nate Dame is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. His digital marketing career began in the non-profit world where he quickly realized the enormous opportunities that most companies missed online. As founder and CEO of SEOperks, he has driven revenue improvement campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike while training digital agencies around the world.

Nate has found that most websites can quickly drive high-value traffic by focusing on key optimization strategies. The problem is that too many SEO campaigns focus on archaic or even risky tactics that attract the wrong traffic or no traffic at all. Nate’s training helps business owners create specific, measurable SEO strategies that deliver ROI far into the future.

Nate is an avid family man and his favorite pastime is relaxing with his beautiful wife and energetic son around their home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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