Brand AwarenessOne primary goal of any business is brand awareness: getting you and your product or service readily recognized by customers and potential customers.

When your product or service is being discussed, does your name come up? Have you become a “household word” for your target audience?  Here are some tips to improving brand awareness using content marketing.

A planned and consistent content marketing strategy will greatly expand visibility and brand awareness by keeping your product at the front of the consumer’s mind.  As you create and distribute content across various social media channels, you’ll see an increase in engagement, lead generation, sales and brand loyalty.

For effective content marketing, you first have to identify your target audience. Who are your current customers and where to do spend time online? By creating high-quality, conductive content and placing it where your customers (and your competitors’ customers) are, you’ll create a recognizable presence across your network.

Conductive content means sharable, Tweetable, likable—interactive with your audience. Ask questions, ask for opinions of your product, logo, message, etc.  Gain insight into what they are looking for and what they like. Communicate directly with your customers through social media channels, and you’ll be building consumer trust in your brand. Every engagement, even if negative, is an opportunity to present your company and product in a good light by responding in a positive, helpful manner. A satisfied customer will share with friends in their own networks, and that’s the best advertising you can get–and it can’t be bought! A recent report from Mashable shows that 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from a friend.

Today’s consumers prefer doing their own research about products and services, and will search out those websites that provide high-quality, useful information that benefits them as individuals. By providing real information for free, you’ll establish your company as an authority in your industry. Provide product information, company profiles, industry news and trends, comparisons to competitors, etc., that provide value for the user. This builds relationship and trust, building a bridge to a sales opportunity.

Consistency is important in content marketing, so providing fresh and new content on a regular basis is important to continued success. By tracking website traffic, comments, friends, likes and shares, you’ll be able to see what traction your content is getting. Are people interested in what you’re saying and sharing it? Do you need to ramp up communications? Are you using video, infomercials, SlideShare . . . what else can you do? A steadily growing audience is evidence that your content is having positive impact and reaching prospects and customers. Measuring lead generation and sales indicates that your increased brand awareness is increasing your market share and heightening recognition of your brand.

Join the Conversation:

  • What initiatives have you implemented to increase brand awareness most successfully?
  • Do you have tracking in place to measure effectiveness of your efforts week-by-week or month-by-month?
  • What suggestions we’ve shared do you believe would increase your online visibility and brand awareness most quickly—are they helpful?