Content marketing is the hottest marketing topic around, and everyone is talking/tweeting/sharing about it.

Is everybody really doing content marketing? How will it help my business? And then there’s the $64 thousand question—what is great content and how do I create enough of it?

Your Content Shall Rock clearly defines the different types of content topics that will resonate with and engage your target audience. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of never running out of ideas for creating compelling content.

Here are just some of the 17 strategies described for creating content that will keep your blog or website fresh, interesting, and highly valuable:

  • A real life lesson – teach what someone taught you
  • A mighty metaphor – illustrate a concept in a new way
  • Challenge convention – ruffle some feathers, pose a question
  • Human nature – appeal to basic needs
  • Deliver serious value – provide solutions to problems
  • Explain what works – proven case studies
  • Serious fun – tickle the funny bone while making a point
  • Unlock a secret – share tricks of the trade
  • Express appreciation – say “thank you”

Take a few minutes to view Your Content Shall Rock, and by incorporating these ideas for content creation across all your social channels (YouTube videos, images, text, infographic, podcasts, etc.), you’ll never run out of ways to tell your story, while building a trusted relationship with your audiences.

Join the Conversation:

  • What types of content topics generate the most response from your target audience? 
  • What other types of content do you use to get your message across? 
  • Has creating enough content been a challenge for your business? If so, has this presentation sparked any new ideas for you? 

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